About us

Our purpose for this blog is to share our blessed adventures in hopes that it inspires both pilots and non pilots to fly. We aim to explore as many regions as our Piper Comanche 260 B will allow us to.

Our readers can expect a entertaining and semi accurate review of our route of flight, airport environment, FBO, surrounding areas/attractions and accommodations near by. We want the readers to experience the highlights of our trips in order to influence and help plan their own trips.

We value physical fitness and health so we try to choose airports that will enable us to be out doors/camp, eat good food, drink good beer/wine and enjoy different regions, but not all in the same day.

38p sunset

With that said,

I introduce to you the engineer, the Comanche specialist and the reason the Comanche is flying……James. As “part” owner, James has studied Comanches for years, he has aviation knowledge that would surpass the most dedicated pilot and knows nearly every bolt on the Comanche 260B.pops and beer




Morgan(Pictured below) is a dedicated pilot who was a CFI II before he could even legally drink a beer.  He also spent some time in Denver Co getting his A&P mechanic license in order to become a more well rounded pilot. Now he has moved on and began to fly with American Airline’s PSA. However, that was not enough for him, he now as gone back to school to obtain Aeronautical Engineering degree from Texas Tech.


Monique and Eric (me) pictured below. Monique is my Co-pilot and soon to be private pilot who is the inspiration of many of these trips. I just fly the plane and try to keep up with her during running, mountain biking, hiking and anything else physical. She loves the exercise and I love the cold beer I get at the end.


Stay tuned for our flight adventures!!!