Background and Notable Links

There are an estimated 3,500 PA-24 Single Engine Comanche’s with another 1,300 Twin Engine PA-30 and PA-39 Comanche’s still flying today. That’s a total of approximately 4,800 Comanche’s of all types.  This is a pretty significant number. The owners and pilots are passionate about these airplanes and are active both in the Air and on the Web.


The following links are engaged in the care, restoration, maintenance tips and sharing adventures with each other.

The International Comanche Society (ICS)

“The leading organization dedicated to Piper Comanche aircraft their owners. Established in 1972, running strong in all 50 states as well as many countries around the world.”ICS has “2,000+ members flying, maintaining and enjoying Comanche aircraft.”
ICS publishes a monthly magazine (hard and soft copy) and provides on-line access to features in their website.  Membership is $75 US, Canada and Mexico. Other countries vary between $89 – $101 USD.

The ICS and its Comanche Flyer website is the premier Club to join if you own a Comanche. The ICS website has a Forum for Chatting and Maintenance. Other locations on the site contain Maintenance Tips, Pictures, Reference Material etc. But all this information is restricted to Members only.
However, here is a link that has great background information about the various Comanche models and airplane development.

Comanche Flyer Foundation (CFF)
“Our primary goal is to promote Safety through Education. We encourage you to visit our site and take advantage of all we have to offer”
The CFF is mainly a training and education website and offers “Pilot Proficiency” Training Clinics. They are a partner organization with ICS.

A2A Simulations
A2A Simulations uses Microsoft Flight Simulator with A2A’s add-on modules for various airplanes including the Comanche.  Here is an awesome video describing the development of the Comanche Flight Simulation Module.

Airworthy Comanche Forum
The Airworthy Comanche Forum is an amazingly active Web Forum and open for anyone to view.  You don’t have to be a member to catch the passion and see the latest questions and developments.

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