Cottonwood Arizona (P52)

Trip: 2/8/2017


From French Valley (f70) we flew in our Comanche 260 B  nearly direct to Cottonwood Az. No navigational tricks needed to fly this trip.


En route:

We flew this route during February which gave us smooth air and a nice tailwind on our outbound trip, we will end up paying for this tailwind later. None the less the views were spectacular and the flight was great. The desert allows for some amazing sights.

leaving F70 was interesting due to the broken layer below. It dissipated as we climbed East.

Airport Environment:

Uncontrolled class E airspace. The airport is on the East side of a 8000 foot mountain so descending from the west can be tricky and will most likely involve a tear drop entry while over flying the field and descending. My Gopro ran out of battery and was unable to get the approach on film.


  • 14 and 32
  • 4252 x 75 ft.
  • field elevation is about 3500feet



Cottonwood is a small airport that is very tranquil and offers amazing views. Sedona’s red rock landscape can even be scene from here.

TIP: Transient parking is right by the FBO entrance.

Cottonwood offers a complimentary rental car to all VIPs that land here. Its a 1991 Dodge van. AWESOME!! I love Cottonwood already.

Upon entering the FBO, there is a list of numbers on the left side with phone numbers of a volunteer at the FBO. His name is Bob. Bob is a great help and a very nice guy who is currently building an RV12. Bob can set you up with the rental van.

Time in Flight: Approx 1hr 45 min averaged.

Near by Accommodations:

There are plenty of places to eat and stay in the near by old town of Cottonwood illustrated in the picture below.

Here is a video that I found on youtube to help augment my lack of info about Cottonwood.

Jerome is a small hustling town just about a 15 min drive up the hill from Cottonwood. Jerome was a very large copper mine in the early 1900s but today it caters to tourism and is still quite alive. The mine shafts and the home of the mine’s owner have since been converted into a spectacular museum.

At the top of Jerome is the Jerome Grand Hotel (also pictured below) this old hotel was used at a hospital for all the miners back when it was operational. Some say the hotel is haunted.

One of the mine exhibits illustrated the magnitude of the depth.

Click for larger picture

The glass below my feet covers a 1900 foot mine shaft!!!!

Click for larger picture

This model of the mine shafts here show how many tunnels are cut under the town of Jerome!!! This was IMPRESSIVE!


Places Stayed:

We found a great little Inn called the Iron Horse Inn. This is located in Old Town Cottonwood. It was about 100 dollars out-the-door and was very clean and had modern decor.



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