Love, By-way-of-Comanche. A marriage story.


(The Comanche in Arizona en route to Denver, Colorado. October 2014)

 Our story began on a beautiful Autumn day when a young man flew across Southern California to take a young lady on a first date. Having only communicated over the internet and the phone (that’s right, a modern day boy-meets-girl-on-Christian-Mingle romance), both were very excited for this day to arrive. Perhaps that is why the boy chose to fly as opposed to driving the hour and a half to see her: he put it all on the line from the very beginning.

 The date went nearly perfect: from lunch, to visiting a pumpkin patch, to laying on the beach, and finally dinner; they were having a lovely time. At dinner the man asked his woman if she would like to accompany him on an evening airplane ride. Of course, she said yes! How exciting! A prince with his own noble (metal) steed!

 Without going into too much detail, the airplane keys were misplaced and the plane ride never happened, at least not on the first date. If it had, maybe their relationship wouldn’t have blossomed as quickly as it did… But luckily their relationship didn’t end after the first date. No, it was merely just taking off (pun intended).



(Kathryn and Morgan before taking off to Big Bear. October 2014)

 Fast forward 8 days later to the fourth date. This same gentleman decided to really pull out all the stops. Early in the morning, after a delicious breakfast, the pair took off in the Comanche for Big Bear. It was a clear day, and the flight was smooth. Once they arrived at their destination, the two explored the city, and spent the afternoon fishing in the lake. 

 After several hours passed and no fish were caught, the boy asked the girl if she wanted to fly somewhere for dinner. She really felt like she was in a movie at this point. They flew over the Hollywood sign and landed at Santa Monica airport at sunset. They ate, laughed, reminisced about their first date and all of its craziness, and solidified the fact that they were each falling in love. 

 Heading back from Santa Monica to French Valley, the pilot and his copilot flew over LAX and all of the brilliant lights of the Southern California cities after dark. It really was like a dream! Needless to say, the young woman was swept off her feet and they became an item that evening.


 (Paso Robles for Thanksgiving with Gracey and Morgan’s folks. November 2014)



 (Byron airport to visit family in Northern California. August 2016)

 The dashing young man from this story is Morgan, and the lucky girl is me: his (now) wife, Kathryn. Our relationship began with an adventure, and the adventure continues, every day.

 Since our fourth date, we have flown the Comanche all across the state and halfway across the country. We have been to places like Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Mammoth, Paso Robles, Byron, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, and Denver, Colorado. Still many places to go and explore (Catalina, we will make it there one day!) with the help of our trusty Comanche.


(Mammoth Lakes by way of Comanche. July 2015)



(Kathryn and Morgan giving the Comanche a bath. June 2015)

 I feel so blessed to be able to partake in so many exciting times with this sweet airplane. Although she probably feels like the third wheel sometimes (get it?!), she is as much a part of our story as anything else.

 Morgan- Thank you for sweeping me off of my feet two years ago. I get so much joy watching you fly, and your passion for flying is contagious. You have given me the world, and I am so blessed to go through life with you! Happy birthday!


Kathryn Pylant



(Morgan flying us over Southern California. May 2015)


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