Palomar airport (KCRQ) San Diego


This flight will take us to Polomar airport CRQ airport.  From French Valley this is a very short flight as you can see we pretty much flew direct.



We climbed to 3500 feet and proceeded direct. We contacted palomar tower 10miles out and they had us do a right base for runway 24.

Time in Flight:

11min – 15 min.

Airport Environment:

Palomar CRQ is a class delta airport with friendly ATC personnel, at least in my 4 flights there. The have one runway 24&06. The common runway seems to be runway 24.

Runway 24 & 06

  • Right pattern 24
  • pattern Altitude is approx 1300feet for non jet aircrafts.
  • Runway length is approx 4900 feet.

TIP: when coming from the north, ATC has always allowed me to do an extended right base into runway 24.

TIP: transient parking is literally 15 feet from the base of the tower

















Palomar airport is home to many private and commuter jets and  planes, we did not go into any FBO so I can’t really report any info. Next visit I will make a point to venture into the FBO. I believe they have a terminal rather than an FBO, I could be wrong though.

Near by Accommodations:

We ate lunch at the airport and enjoyed the view. The restaurant is named The Landings Restaurant &Bar, there they boast some great easts.  We have eaten there twice and have not been disappointed.

The landings restaurant and bar
The landings restaurant and bar


Monique is sad for me because I’m unable to enjoy a cold beer with my burger. Well that is sure gonna change when she gets her pilots license in a few more months!!!


The bacon burger with blue cheese won’t disappoint.


Departing runway 24 for a right crosswind departure to the north. This is looking east.

Palomar Airport CRQ

Back to French valley Ca  via the rainbow pass looking east.

The rainbow pass
The rainbow pass

Birds eye view of the new golf course at Pechanga casino.

CLICK FOR LARGER PICTURE of Pechanga and the golf course JOURNEY

Temecula valley looking north.


Building more houses so we can have more traffic.




Palomar is an awesome little get away for lunch. It is very location makes it a wonderful airport to catch a ride to one of the nearby world class beaches and spend the day. There was no tie down fee for all of you day pilots, however, there is a small overnight fee. I love this airport, but for us, the Comanches oil hardly gets to operating range before we need to land.

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