Palm Springs (KPSP) Air Museum

Route:  In our Comanche we departed from F70 French Valley enroute to Palm Springs international airport (PSP). We elected to fly north at 5500 feet and intercept the Banning airport (KBNG) then proceed  East through the Banning pass. I did read an article a while back ago in early 2017 stating that there will be parachute jumping new to Banning airport, so look out!!

palm springs international airport (psp)

Enroute: The flight was smooth. We contacted March on 133.5 and established Flight following at 5500. They will cancel you and tell  you to squawk VFR and contact approach on 135.275 somewhere around the Banning airport. I believe they do this because they will lose you on radar due to the 11k foot peaks to the south and north.

Time in Flight:
20-25 min to Palm springs international airport (psp)

Airport Environment:
PSP is a Class D In a TSRA. Use flight following when in the TSRA. You will need to contact approach prior to contacting the PSP tower. This is similar to how a class C operates. The common use runways seem to be 31R and 31L.

We used Atlantic which is on the East side by runway 31R. This FBO is more easily accessible for GA.

The FBO charges a $40 tie down fee AND a $15 security fee. The Tie down fee is waved if you top off OR get 15 gallons of fuel. The fuel price this visit on 9/2017 was 6.99! The $15 security fee will be charged no matter what.

Upon walking in, you can see the signatures of all the famous people through the years who has signed the wall. These include people from athletes to presidents…… I wonder how much that wall is worth?

The FBO has some nice amenities for pilots.

The lounge…

The FBO includes bath rooms with showers, a pool and hot tub! Very cool.

Near by Accommodations: Palmsprings is at your finger tips from this airport. Uber or rent a car to where ever you can think of; this place has it all. They also have crew cars for free.

On this day, being one day before my fathers birthday, we elected to tour the Palmsprings museum. This museum was amazing to say the least and included MANY MANY exhibits from WWII and Vietnam war. Visit the website here


B17 that offers tours of the inside!! Amazing

B17 cockpit

This hanger opened early 2017 and showcased many of the jets flown in the Vietnam war….. And is the only hanger that has air conditioning!!!

48,000 feet per min climb rate!!!

F104……..This is the entire wing!

The volunteers were amazing and loved to help. Many of the volunteers flew these planes in the Vietnam war.

palm springs international airport (psp)

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