Sedona airport (KSEZ)


The flight to Sedona airport (KSEZ) is an easy flight that was nearly a direct route. Going east means less ATC radio traffic which allowed us to relax a bit more. The desert landscape transitioned  amazingly to the jagged mountain peaks west of Prescott Az.  There were no real navigational challenges or any difficulties with the flight. Once you’re in the Gladden MOA  west of Prescott, there is very little areas to utilize as landing zones in case an emergency happens.

Flying to Sedona airport (KSEZ)

I’m new at making videos so I used what I had on hand…..including limited access to music…..enjoy!!!


Shortly passed Prescott, there is a 8k foot mountain that requires the decent into Sedona airport (KSEZ) faster than normal due to the altitude that needs to be lost in such a short distance.

Happy to be enroute Sedona airport (KSEZ)

Sedona airport has the most amazing airport environment. The spring color hues is not something to miss, especially from the air!!


Time in Flight:

Our time in route varied wildly due to a 25 not tailwind going out to Sedona and a 25 to 30 not headwind coming back from Sedona. But generally I think this flight would take us about 1 hour 50 minutes.

Airport Environment:

The airport specs can be found either on ForeFlight or Airnav.

Sedona airport is notoriously known for being a difficult airport to land at during windy days.  What makes this airport difficult during windy days is the location of the airport which sits on top of the Mesa a few hundred feet above most everything else around it.

Wind creates downdrafts that have caused numerous planes to have crashed.  So be extra diligent when flying to Sedona. It’s not the wind that you’re up against, it’s the downdraft that are created by the location.

TIP: If wind wont allow to landing at Sedona airport (ksez), divert to the friendly airport of Cottonwood just south west.

Furthermore, due to the airport sitting on top of the Mesa it can create a visual illusion of time space and distance. There are a few ground references to allow the eye to judge ground distance.

TIP:  during your preflight determine what altitude you will need to be at during each leg of the pattern. This will decrease your need to rely on your ability to tell distance because this airport can deceive your depth perception. 

Here is what I mean …….. we are on the left downwind for runaway 21.


The FBO was very nice. It offered complementary refreshments, free bicycles that can be utilized around the airport  ( but not to go into town).  We did not eat at the café at the airport due to time restrictions .

Near by Accommodations:

The city of Sedona has nearly everything somebody could need including an  abundance of restaurants, breweries, art galleries, hotels, hiking trails and all the views that you can take it.

Places Stayed

This is the view from our room where we stayed. It’s called the Inn on Oak Creek. I highly recommend this inn  due to its small size, very accommodating staff, central location and amazing views .


During clear skies and calm winds Sedona is by far one of our favorite flights and places to stay. We will be updating this page with other activities that are offered by the Sedona area such as hiking and mountain biking.  We love this area so much so that as soon as we landed Monique was looking at real estate in the area for a second home. We even established a realtor named Mickey that knows the area and  had an opportunity to visit a few houses.

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