Stockton airport (KSCK), Ca


Route: We departed F70 and made our first waypoint Onterio International airport, however, we picked up flight following from March GCA. We climbed to 10500 and flew pretty much directly to SCK Stockton.

Click for larger picture. Do your own flight plan. This is just an example

FYI: During the last couple flights, I had a difficult time contacting March GCA to pick up flight following. In fact, there was no radio noise at all, almost like we were on the wrong frequency, but we were not. I just contacted SoCal.


This particular day rewarded us with a nice tail wind. The route was easy and smooth with very little issues.

I will be the first one to tell you the Comanche is an amazing dang aircraft, but we could not fly at 183 knot ground speed with out a little help from the big man up stairs sneezing in our direction of flight.


FYI:  Strangely I love flying over the Central  valley. On a clear Day you can see for miles and there are ample airports to land at in case a problem should arise.


Believe it or not 178 knots was pretty slow for the type of tailwind we are having. We would constantly see 183-185 knot groundspeed Enroute Stockton.



NorCal having us do a left 360 for spacing for incoming heavy traffic into Stockton


Dang ATC is ruining our ETA bragging rights, all for what? Safety?  Geeze!!! (Sense the sarcasm)


Touch down on runway 29Left

Stockton airport
Stockton airport

This landing is very unique and wildly deceptive to the eye. Happy watching!!!!

—-BTW  The landing looked like we came down hard but that’s the way it always seems from the cell phone video when it’s being held free-hand without support.

Flight Time: We averaged 2hrs 10 min.

Airport Environment:  Stockton airport KSCK is located in the central valley with no real obstacles around you. The airport is very easy to get into and if you’re coming from the south it’s pretty much a straight in approach.

Smallest Runway:

  • Runway 11 right and runway 29 left
  • 4448 feet long by 75 feet wide.
  • Elevation is 26 feet.
  • Landing this runway will seem very very short compared to its GIGANTIC neighboring runway.

Largest Runway:

  • 11 left 29 right
  • 10650x150feet
  • 1000 foot displaced threshold.
  • Elevation 26 feet.

See the difference in size below!!!!

Courtesy of airnav Ariel photo

TIP: Often times runway 29 LEFT and 29 RIGHT are the common-use runways.


Atlantic is the FBO at Stockton. They charge a tie down fee AND an overnight fee.

I found this very annoying, especially since the tie downs are located a good distance from the FBO and they provide NO shuttle service upon arrival (that I have experience). You can request a shuttle once you are in the FBO but by then it’s a little late.

FYI: Fuel was about 5.40 per gallon at Stockton. Mammoth lakes (MMH) and Lake Tahoe ( TVL) is bout the same…..

Atlantic will waive the tie down fee if you get 15 gallons of fuel,  but they’ll charge an overnight fee regardless.

—My solution?  I parked in the transient parking which was not very much farther than the tiedown at Atlantic FBO. The transient parking is over by the terminal for the larger planes. They do not charge an overnight fee or a tiedown fee. I was unable to find out if Atlantic was the  only fuel source on the field.

Call me cheap (I am, so I’m not offended) but transient parkingpaid for beers and dinner.

Atlantic fbo
Atlantic fbo

Expensive area over yonder…..

TopGun aviation
TopGun aviation

Free area……. In front of TopGun Aviation.

Once the tie down was situated, the Atlantic  FBO actually was quite nice. People were very friendly and the FBO had ample rooms to relax, pre flight or just get some rest. They had free pop corn as well. Not the nicest FBO I have been to but it was certainly accommodating.

FYI: Having not paid for the parking or overnight fee, I didn’t feel right using their amenities, so we just passed through.  I’m sure they would have no problem if we did decide to use their facility though.

Near by accommodations:

No food at the FBO. There MIGHT be a  restaurant in the larger terminal for the commercial flights  but I did not follow up on that.  Most all amenities and resources can be found with a 10 minute Uber ride.

Places stayed:

We took an “Uber” (who was 30min late *cough-Angelique-cough*) to the University Hotel located at 110 W Fremont st, Stockton Ca.

Introducing a big inspiration for this trip and our Uber driver who was late…..Angelique, our daughter. Angelique is a current UOP student who’s talents allowed her to received a scholarship for softball. We Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young woman!!!!


I highly recommend the university hotel. It is waterfront, clean and very reasonable. They offer a discount to anyone who has college students attending University of the Pacific, luckly we did!! Our room was 100 dollars per night.



TIP: Apparently Stockton is a dangerous town (duh), BUT here at this hotel it seemed safe. We were advised not to run or walk along side the river in the top of the photo due to a history of violence. Dunno if it’s true but it’s what we were told.

Here we sat out side and enjoined some wings.



Here is the bar/ loung  that serves up delicious food and drinks. It’s very clean and neat.


Stockton, well, it’s Stockton. I actually enjoyed it for what it was. It’s a place that I would not necessarily go to for vacation if we didn’t have Angelique going to college up there. I enjoyed the campus at the University of the Pacific and the surrounding areas.

Side note: When planning this flight I wanted  in airport that was class “Delta” airspace (having a air traffic control tower. Not all airports have these. They are a bit more complicated to enter and exit). I wanted an airport that was more than an hour away so we could enjoy the flight and challenge and improve my pilot skills. This flight marks the first flight that we have flown into a class Delta without an instructor.

-May your props always spin.

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  1. The things you do for your kids. They will always appreciate them and share these memories with their kids. “Your grand kids”… Love the Mommy daughter picture. Are you sure they are not sisters. ❤️

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